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Eastside Minis short-linked (u30 cm HU)

Eastside Minis short-linked (u30 cm HU)

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Powder-coated chain, short links

The chain's clasp is a screw carabiner, which means maximum safety for your four-legged friend. Nothing can come loose or open.

Using the chain links, you can adjust the chain loosely as a jewelry chain or tightly as a collar.

The chain has a breaking load of 320 kg.

Don't measure too tight and don't measure too loose!!!

We add an extra 5 cm to your specified neck circumference.

  • The powder coating is not indestructible! Depending on the load/handling of the chain, it can be damaged or rubbed off (e.g. if it is dragged over the asphalt). Chains are everyday items - therefore it cannot be avoided that they will show signs of wear when used. Damage that may occur to the coating through use of the chains is not a reason for complaint.
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