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Our vision

We want to give your favorite four-legged friends the opportunity to create the coolest styles with our individual dog accessories. The safety of your loved ones is particularly important to us.

Not only are the colors of our chains diverse, but so are our customers. We stand behind the large, strong breeds as well as the small, delicate four-legged friends.

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We are focused on good results and value working with great customers. We would be happy to support you with style advice on the perfect look.
We are excited about new, individual creations and look forward to being able to put a smile on your face.
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Wie messe ich die Schnauze für den Maulkorb aus?

Du hast es ausgemessen, aber weißt trotzdem nicht welches Modell du benötigst?

Kein Problem! Wir bieten im Shop eine Maulkorbberatung an, wo wir uns genauestens mit den Maßen beschäftigen uns ein passendes Modell heraussuchen.

Zur Beratung

Wie messe ich den Halsumfang meines Hundes genau aus?

Discover our diversity

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This way

Our unique safety locks

Safety is very important to us.
In addition to our sturdy steel chains, we also use special fasteners. The chain is secured with screw links and a quick-release fastener to prevent the risk of accidental opening. These chain connectors are only available from us.

Our chains with screw carabiners are design protected!

Already have the right muzzle?

With us you not only get stylish chains, but also individual and plain-colored muzzles.
In collaboration with our partner Chic and Scharf, we provide you with the right baskets for your four-legged friends. With us you have the option of having them coated and fitted with straps.
Do you already have a basket and just want the color? -No problem, because you can also send us your basket blank. Find out more in the shop.


Schweizer Kunden

Wir bieten Dir drei Möglichkeiten an, wie auch Du bei Eastside Chains bestellen kannst.

1. Möglichkeit

Du hast ein Postfach in Deutschland, wohin wir dein Paket versenden können.

2. Möglichkeit

Du bestellst ganz einfach über MeinEinkauf.ch bei uns.

3. Möglichkeit

Du bestellst über unseren Zwischenhändler ‚Bark-9 Group‘ unsere Produkte.

Return reasons

  • The chain was delivered damaged (excluding chains that were purchased at a reduced price due to errors)
  • Wrong product/wrong color delivered

The chains are individually adapted to each customer. A return is therefore only possible to a limited extent*.


If you give us the wrong size, the necklace will not be taken back at our expense and no compensation will be sent to you!


We add an extra 5 cm to EVERY chain! If this is not desired, it must be explicitly stated during the ordering process!

*Please keep in mind that color loss can occur where the chains rub. With intensive use of the chains, wear and tear can occur over time. This is not a reason for return.

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