How do I order the right muzzle?

Every dog ​​should have the opportunity to have enough space and to wear a suitable muzzle. Muzzles not only offer more safety, but also more space.

Finding the right muzzle is not easy, but it is possible with us.
We will explain to you step-by-step how to get a suitable and beautifully designed muzzle.

Step 1

We offer you muzzle advice.
If you are unsure about the right model, you can easily book our muzzle consultation in advance.

(If you receive a recommendation from us, we also recommend that you order these models to try on and see which muzzle fits your dog best)

step 2

Then you look for the right model in the shop under 'muzzle models' and put it in your shopping cart.
If the right model is not available in the shop, please send us an email so that we can add it to the shop later.

(You can of course also send us your existing wire muzzle. You do NOT need this step for that.)

If you send us your existing muzzle and it is rubberized, please remove the rubber YOURSELF first!


If you have a muzzle that is already coated (with a different color), you must select the option "with paint stripping" under "muzzle coating" in the shop.

You can then send us your existing muzzle with the order number so that we can assign it to your order.

step 3

Next, you can choose a suitable coating under the category 'Muzzle Coating'.

If you have a muzzle that is already coated (with a different color), you must select the option 'with paint stripping' under 'muzzle coating' in the shop.

If there is a rubber coating on the muzzle, this should be removed before sending it in.

Step 4

Now you can choose the nose pad, the padding (under the pad) and the straps with the matching fittings.
You can find this at 'Eastside Nose Pads and Straps Classic'.

Here you only get the classic version (nose pad and neck strap adjustable)

The straps include (neck strap and nose pad)

The fittings include (buckle and screws)

The padding includes (pad under the nose pad)

Step 5

Here we offer the option of booking a throat strap additionally. All you have to do is choose the color.

The throat strap offers a better grip.

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